Message from the District Governor:
Dr Stella Anyangwe
Fellow Rotarians of D9400, we’re in our second month in the new Rotary Year 2021-22, and a lot has already happened!
Club visits are ongoing full-swing, and I have had the privilege to have visited more than twenty clubs in our District. I must admit that in spite of the challenges all clubs are facing due to COVID-19, most of those I have visited are doing remarkably well. We are showing the resilience and determination that are truly hallmarks of the Rotarian spirit, and our embrace of innovation (virtual meetings and novel ways to fundraise) is enabling us to continue to serve to change lives!
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DG D9400 Dr Stella Anyangwe and Carl
Mensagem Da Governadora Do Distrito:
Dr Stella Anyangwe
Caros Rotários do D9400, estamos no segundo mês do novo Ano Rotário 2021-2022, e muito já aconteceu! As visitas aos clubes estão a acontecer a bom ritmo, e tenho o privilégio de ter já ter visitado mais de vinte clubes no nosso distrito. Devo admitir que apesar dos desafios que todos os clubes enfrentam, devido ao COVID-19, a maioria dos clubes que visitei apresentam um bom desempenho. Demonstramos que a resiliência e a determinação são símbolos verdadeiros do espírito rotário e termos embarcado na inovação (encontros virtuais e formas inovadoras de angariar fundos) está a permitir-nos servir para mudar vidas!
African region marks one year since being certified wild polio-free
Together, we’ve made tremendous progress in the fight to end polio. In August 2020, the World Health Organization’s African region was certified free of wild poliovirus — an incredible milestone that was made possible by the leadership, dedication, and support of countless Rotary members and health workers, our partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), and African region leaders.

The eradication of wild polio in the African region shows that total wild polio eradication is possible. Learn more about this historic achievement and Rotary’s commitment to keeping Africa free of wild poliovirus and ending polio worldwide.
With World Polio Day approaching, now is the time to support Rotary’s fight against polio. Join us in the effort to make polio the second human disease ever to be eradicated.

Thanks to our generous members and donors, we reached our 2020-21 PolioPlus fundraising goal. With donations matched 2-to-1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, every contribution goes even further toward ending this paralyzing disease for good.                           Donate Here
Lessons from the African region

In an inspiring blog post for the Global Institute for Disease Elimination, Dr. Tunji Funsho, chair of Rotary’s Nigeria PolioPlus Committee, explains how Rotary’s work in eradicating wild poliovirus in the African region shows us a path toward eradicating polio worldwide. Despite immense odds, wild polio was certified eliminated across the World Health Organization’s African region last year, thanks to the perseverance of Rotary members working with our partners, governments, health workers, and communities.

Dr. Funsho emphasizes that to stop wild polio transmission in the last two countries       

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Council on Resolution
Resolutions from various districts Worldwide were sent to RI and all the Representatives of the Council on Resolutions (COR) as well as Council of Legislation (COL) had to cast their votes online.  The results came out recently and can be viewed by going to  to the Learning and reference centre section.   
centre section.    You can then scroll to Policies and Procedures.   When you then click on that, it will take you to Council on Legislation and Resolutions. Or simply click here, which links directly to Councils of Legislation and all the Resolutions.
Resolutions of interest are:  20R – 10; 20R – 11; 20R – 13; 20R – 14; 20R – 25
The latter resolution is especially noteworthy:  20R – 25 was proposed by D9370 and endorsed through a district legislation meeting held in Cape Town in February 2020; it deals with the selection of Regional Leaders. This has at last been approved and henceforth, it is incumbent on the Rl Directors to consult with all their relevant District's leadership before appointing members to the various Regional and Zone positions - such as the Rotary Regional Coordinator, the Regional Rotary Public Image Coordinator etc.
September 2021
RC of Sandton would like to call on you to support a worthy cause through the celebration of art🥂
Over the first weekend in November the Rotary Club of Sandton will be hosting an art fair at Victoria Yards in support of our incredible local artists 🇿🇦 This will also be a fundraiser, where we hope to raise ..... Read More
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