Letter from DG Annemarie Mostert
The Covid-19 pandemic has turned all our lives upside down. But there is a positive side to this. We have been forced to see the world in a different way, and now we have an opportunity to unite and take action to create lasting change. Daily, our members transfer their passion, integrity, and intelligence into meaningful, sustainable projects. Thank you all for your involvement and be safe!
When I was thinking about which goals to put in place for the rest of this year, I kept returning to the theme of centuries. In April 1921, the first club was chartered on the African continent - the RC of Johannesburg. To celebrate this milestone, our District is hosting the All African International Conference and Centennial Gala Banquet in April 2021.
To keep with the theme of 100, I am aiming for 100 goals:
  • 100 clubs in the district
  • 100 more members registering on e-learning
  • 100% achievement of citation
  • Showcase 100 projects, present 100 awards, profile 100 speakers
We are very excited that Rotary International President 2020/2021, Holger Knaack will be attending our centennial next year, COVID-19 permitting.
As we focus on keeping current members engaged and adding new members, we’d love you to share your ideas on how we can become stronger and more adaptable.
Following the very successful district training sessions, the various committees, clubs and district have in place strategic plans and goals. As part of opening new opportunities in D9400, we are going to use Clubrunner from 1 July. ​​​​​​We encourage you to explore all the options such as newsletter templates, events planning programs and many other areas.
I am very excited about serving District 9400 as your Governor. Our leadership team, Committee chairpersons, AG Mentor and Assistant Governors have worked very hard to ensure the success of the year ahead. Our Rotary Anns clubs led by DGA Angela Norris have some wonderful ideas, and I look forward to working with her and the Anns, as well as with our Rotaract and Interact members and the rest of the Rotary family.
I wish you all a fantastic and adventurous Rotary year ahead. Take this opportunity to open doors and make a difference! Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to our meetings – be it in person, on-line or both!
From Left: PP Hans Mostert, DG Annemarie Mostert, RI President Holger Knaack and Susanne Knaack.
We were sad to hear of the passing of a stalwart of District 9400. PRID Tony Serrano will be missed as a husband, father, grandfather and philanthropist.
Rotary was a life long passion, and his strength and leadership will be sorely missed. If you'd like to share a memory or leave a tribute, please click on the button below.
Clem Renouf, the RI president who inspired Rotary’s polio eradication efforts, dies
Sir Clem Renouf, the 1978-79 Rotary International president who helped propel Rotary toward its top goal of eradicating polio worldwide, has died at age 99.
Italian club uses expertise to aid in coronavirus fight
Members help launch site so merchants can sell goods, organize supplies to make sanitizer, and provide food to health care workers.
August 2020
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Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 30 years. Our goal of ridding the world of this disease is closer than ever.
The Rotary Peace Fellowship is designed for leaders with work experience in peace and development. 
Rotary is dedicated to six areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever.