The 2022-23 presidential theme logo was designed by renowned Australia-based Indigenous artist Riki Salam to represent RO President Jennifer Jones' theme and initiatives. The logo represents key elements of Rotary while honoring the Indigenous culture
Rotary International monthly themes reflect the areas of focus.  Refer Brand Centre for material. They give you more flexibility if you use this structure to develop your schedule of programs.
MONTH               ROTARY THEME
July                        TRANSITION MONTH - New Rotary Year Kick-Off Month  
August                  MEMBERSHIP and EXTENSION - emphasizing membership development and the creation of new Rotary clubs – 
                              we are People of Action                                                                                                               
September           BASIC EDUCTION AND LITERACY - emphasizing Rotary's ongoing commitment to promoting                                                                                                                 
October                ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                              
November           THE ROTARY FOUNDATION - emphasizing our commitment to the important work accomplished by The Rotary
December           DISEASE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT                                                                                                                         
January                VOCATIONAL SERVICE - emphasizing Rotary's contribution to the second Avenue of service                                                                                                                 
February              PEACE AND CONFLICT PREVENTION/RESOLUTION - emphasizing Rotary's goal of world understanding and
   *** 23 February Rotary's Anniversary (1905) ***
March                   WATER AND SANITATION                                                                                                                    
April                      MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH                                                                                                                            
May                       YOUTH SERVICE - emphasizing Rotary's commitment to youth
June                       ROTARY FELLOWSHIPS - emphasizing Rotary's ongoing commitment to various fellowships.