District Governor Ann Angela successfully managed the administration side of their family business for 27 years.  When they sold the business in 2012/2013, Angela retired from the company.                                                                                 
Her husband Rotarian Kevin (D9400 Assistant Governors’ Mentor) has been a member of the Benoni Aurora Rotary Club for 27 years, and they have both thoroughly enjoyed their Rotary life, making firm friends.                                                                                  
DGA Angela is a member of the Benoni Aurora Rotary Anns and has been a member for the last 27 years. She has been president of her club five times and served as the secretary and treasurer on numerous occasions. She has been an Assistant Governor Ann for three years and DGA.
Working with past, current, and future district leaders we set district goals for the years ahead and we ensure that they align with your district’s and Rotary’s strategic plans. The opportunities for Rotarians and Rotary Anns is vast and with so many goals, we need to connect and inspire as many people as possible.