D9400 Foundation Committee
PDG Martin Forsyth-Thompson Chairperson
Subcommittee Chairs
PAG Grace van Zyl PolioPlus
PDG Martin Forsyth-Thompson
PDG Charles Deiner Stewardship
PDG Francis Callard
Rotary Peace Fellowships
PDG Tom Borrill Endowment/Major Gifts/PHS
PDG Kobla Quashie Vocational
DGN Rianna Pretorius
PDG Charles Deiner International Service
PDG Maurice Stander 7th Area of Focus-Environment
This committee helps to govern educate, motivate, and inspire Rotarians to participate in Foundation programmes and fundraising. It serves as a liaison between the Foundation and club members. Some areas are fundraising, grants, PolioPlus, Rotary Peace Fellowships and Stewardship.
DRFC 2020-2021 – Objectives and Goals: 
1.   To work with and support DG Annemarie Mostert in her year as District Governor.
2.   To work with and support a team of District Leaders and senior Rotarians who comprise the Rotary Foundation D9400 sub-committees.
3.   To set Foundation goals that will encourage Rotarians to participate in Rotary Foundation programmes to do good in the world.
4.   To encourage Rotarians to contribute to the Annual Programs Fund and the Endowment Fund.
5.   To encourage Rotarians to promote Rotary International’s goal for the eradication of Polio by actively running Polio Fund Raising Projects. Rotarians will be encouraged to personally contribute to the Polio Eradication goal and to be advocates of this magnificent project.
6.   For Rotarians to actively seek and find candidates for the Foundation Programmes of Peace and Ambassadorial Scholarships and Vocational Training Teams.
7.   To seek and find candidates for the Rotary Cultural Exchange Programme.
1.   $100 per Rotarian to support Every Rotarian Every Year annual goal.
2.   To raise $100,000 for the Annual Programmes Fund.
3.   100% contributing clubs to the Annual Programmes and Polio Fund.
4.   100 Benefactors to pledge $1,000 to the Endowment Fund.
5.   100 Rotarians in the District to attend the Global Grant Management webinars.
6.   To promote the Endowment fund and encourage 5 Rotarians to become Major Donors or Bequest      Society Members.
7.   To send in 3 applications for the Peace Scholarship Programme.
8.   To encourage Rotarians to interview 2 candidates that will be Ambassadorial Scholars in a Global Grant programme.
9.   Select candidates for 1 Vocational Training Team (VTT) for the 2020-2021 year
10.  To support Rotary Clubs to apply for 10 Global grant applications for the 2020-2021 Rotary year.