Professional development is right at your fingertips with the Rotary Learning Center, which offers members a range of interactive courses on navigating Rotary's online tools and developing leadership skills to prepare for new Rotary roles. The courses are free.
Among the many courses available are How to Run a Webinar, How to Propose Legislation, Rotary Club Central Resources, and role-specific selections. Get started by finding the Learning Center under the LEARNING & 
If you are already registered on the site, you will have a profile. If not, it's easy to create an account. From the MY PROFILE tab, you can modify your profile, find announcements about new and upcoming courses, and join a community to discuss what you're learning. Course material is provided in a variety of formats, including PDF 
and Word documents, interactive e-learning modules, and videos. Only some e-learning modules have audio, but all of them enable you to decide when to go on to the next screen.
Take advantage of a wealth of training materials designed to help you learn new skills and become more successful in what you do.
Learn about Rotary club and district roles, as well 
as their impact on your community. Find resources and tools that support members in these roles.
You can also learn about Rotary club activities that support strategic goals. Find best practices and resources to ensure your club succeeds.