D9400 COL Representative 2019 - 2022 PDG Annie Steijn

The Council on Legislation, Rotary’s legislative body, meets every three years and will next meet in 2022. The Council will consider two types of legislation: enactments, which seek changes to RI’s constitutional documents, and position statements proposed by the RI Board. A club or a district conference may propose enactments, but any enactments that a club submits must be voted on at the district conference or district legislation meeting and be endorsed by the district. If there is not enough time at the district conference to vote in person on a proposed enactment, you, as governor, can obtain the endorsement of your district’s clubs through a ballot-by-mail. 
You are encouraged to appoint a committee of Rotarians with past Council experience, including the district representative to the Council, to help your district prepare and understand proposed legislation. In the Rotary year before the Council on Legislation meets, your district should submit any proposed enactments and confirmation of its endorsement by 31 December. These enactments should be reviewed and discussed at the district conference.  
In the Rotary year in which the Council on Legislation meets, the district governor receives a copy of all duly proposed legislation. After the Council on Legislation, all clubs will receive a Report of Action, which lists all enactments and position statements adopted by the Council. If you are governor during this year, you and your clubs should review the adopted legislation and implement it starting the following Rotary year. Adopted enactments change the Constitution and Bylaws of Rotary International and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. 
These enactments take effect on 1 July following the Council. Find details about the Council’s policies and procedures at My Rotary.
Council representatives will also participate in the Council on Resolutions, which meets online in October and November each year to consider resolutions that have been proposed and endorsed by a club, district, the RIBI general council or conference, or the RI Board. Resolutions need to be submitted to the general secretary by 30 June each year to be considered at the next Council on Resolutions, along with the governor’s confirmation that the district has endorsed the items.
To learn more, take the How to Propose Enactments and Resolutions course in
the Learning Center.
2022 Council  
Proposed enactments are due to RI                                                 31 December 2020
Proposed legislation is published                                     30 September 2021
Council on Legislation meets                                            During April 2022
Report of Action is distributed                                            During June 2022